I love the Greater Danbury area and I'm proud to have lived here for so many years.

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I'm also a huge fan of films, which is like saying you like ice cream, but it's true. I've always thought that all of the towns in the area have at least one section of town that has a cinematic quality to it. I believe this area would be especially good for shooting Christmas movies.

Which Greater-Danbury Town Would be the Best Setting for a Christmas Movie?

Let's make a movie! Even better, let's make a Christmas movie in our area. I've always thought the Greater-Danbury towns would make great settings for holiday films. Our history and architecture lends itself to creating a believable, small-town America vibe. Below are the reasons, I think each town would be good for a Christmas movie, and a potential film we could shoot here. 

Originally, I thought I'd spend just a few hours writing down why each town would make a good setting for a Christmas/Holiday film. Then, I started thinking of film ideas and things got away from me. Some of the ideas are stupid funny, others are movies I'd watch. So, now I'll be spending the next few months fleshing out one of the ideas and eventually it will land in my desk drawer, never to be seen again.

We talked about this on the I-95 Morning Show on Monday (12/5/22), listen below.


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5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen Before

We all know that selecting a movie for a group of people is not easy and that is how you found yourself here, asking advice from an angry radio personality. On paper, I’m not fit to make decisions for myself, let alone an entire group of strangers. But, you are in the right place because to quote Dwight Schrute “I know everything about film, I’ve seen over 240 of them.”

You’ve found yourself at a common roadblock, one or more of your family members have decided they want to watch a movie they’ve never seen before. You suggested “Elf” and someone said, “not again”, you said we can watch “Home Alone” and someone groaned “nooooo.”

What Christmas movie can you watch that you’ve never seen before? These are 5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen. 

Camping for Cans 2022

Camping for Cans is an annual event thrown by I-95 to collect cash and non-perishable food items to benefit the Hillside Foot Outreach. Hillside feeds those in-need, in the Greater-Danbury area. Each year we gather in a Brookfield parking lot and have fun in the name of the Greater good. The 2022 CFC was as good a year as we've ever had, take a look.

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