Why is the Connecticut Department of Transportation messing with my head? They call it the statewide highway renumbering project, and here's the best part, the DOT will be updating all major routes and highways in Connecticut. The project won't be completed until 2030.

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The DOT won't be messing around with I-84 exit numbers until 2028, according to the website portal.ct.gov. Currently in construction are exit numbers on Route 9.

What if the DOT decides to change Exit 10 in Newtown where you'll find the Blue Colony Diner to Exit 236? How can I tell someone I'm meeting for breakfast to meet me at the Exit 236 Diner? Plus, I'm never going to remember the new Exit number.

According to CT Insider, DOT spokesperson Josh Morgan had this to say about the upcoming project,

These projects are part of an ongoing initiative to renumber all of the state’s highway exits as the existing signs reach the end of their useful life, which improves retro-reflectivity, enhancing visibility at night and increasing nighttime traffic safety.

Sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook to me plus Connecticut drivers as a whole SUCK! Can you imagine what could happen if the DOT changes the Exit numbers just past Exit 4 going I-84 Westbound?

Exit 3 is a left lane exit towards Route 7 and the mall or, you can stay to the right and continue on I-84 West towards New York. Half the time, drivers aren't paying attention and miss I-84 West. It's a nightmare! Now imagine if they rename Exit 3, Exit 17? There's going to be pandemonium, chaos, swearing, and screeching tires.

This renaming Connecticut exits thing, it's no good I tell ya!

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