Stop N' Shop Workers throughout New England are on strike and have a long list of grievances with their employers. This got me to thinking about what my demands would be, if I were to go on strike. I put together a list:

  • Company car - Something weird and crappy, a PT Cruiser perhaps.
  • Company flip phone - I miss the flip phone and I'm not looking to soak my employers here with the latest, expensive gadget.
  • Wardrobe - This is what they call "thinking outside the box." The fact is, you don't realize how FEW decent outfits you have until your company insists you are filmed with a camera five days a week. I'm gonna need some threads.
  • $100 Wegman's gift card - I just love Wegman's. Do you know at Wegman's in Virginia, they have a bar? Yeah, I found that out the fun way. A simple trip to the grocery store became a three hour tour and an Uber bill.
  • Oil changes for life - This one is not sexy but it's an extremely sensible request.
  • No eye contact - No one can ever make eye contact with me again.
  • Regular toilet paper - Not sandpaper. Not a Goose Down pillow. There is a middle ground for toilet paper that doesn't have to result in a trip to the hospital or a clogged toilet.
  • No nodding or clapping in meetings - Corporate meetings are too agreeable. I'd like for cold, awkward silences to make a comeback.
  • No flip flops - No one can show their toes for any reason, EVER.

Those are my demands or I strike like you read about. What is the one thing, or list of things that has you considering a strike? GO!

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