If all my dreams could come true, dogs would talk and this one would say "there's a new sheriff in town and his name is me."

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But that dream won't be realized today so I'll do the speaking for our furry friend. This is the Bethel Police Department's newest K-9 officer, a 16 month-old German Shepard. On Friday (08/18/23), the Bethel PD announced his arrival on their Facebook page saying:

"The Bethel Police Department would like to introduce its newest K9. The 16 month-old German Shepherd was born in the Czech Republic and was purchased through Kennel Zo Slovenskeho Dvora. Officer Ammon and his new K9 Partner will be attending a 12-week training program in East Hartford starting this September. The training will consist of obedience, building searches, evidence recovery, narcotics detection, suspect apprehension, and tracking. Good luck to both in the upcoming training academy!
AND...Please help us name our new boy by putting your suggestion in the comments below!" 

Here are some of the name suggestions people shared:

Steve Z: "Dietz. It’s a German name and it’s also one of the 3 Navy SEALS KIA during Operation Red Wings in which Marcus Luttrell was the Lone Survivor."

Paula A: "Honor"
Kristopher A: "Taz"
Luicana J.L: "George"
Cathy B.R: "Hunter"
Leah M: "Hope"
Lisa Q: "Name him Czech for where he came from."
Debbie E: "Wolfgang"
Katricia L: "Ammo or Otto"
Toni M: "Caesar"
Kelly M: "Sarge"
Barbara G.A: "Rebel"
Diane S.R: "Duke"
Lynda S: "Thor"
Dorothy L: "What a beautiful dog. Bear."
Abby S: "Drago or Bronco. He is Gorgeous"
In my opinion, there is only one name for a dog that protects the folks of Bethel, CT and that has to be Phineas Taylor, in honor of Bethel's most famous resident P.T. Barnum.
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