If I was a Hollywood actor type who just got his big break and I hear Hugh Hefner died, I am crying like a baby. I mean, to me, the Playboy Mansion is like 81% of the appeal of making it in Hollywood. You want three or four years of running around that place like a lunatic.

Now that Hugh Hefner is dead, it is likely the end of a pretty fun, and quite messy, era. Last year, the property was sold for $130+ million to a guy named Daren Metropoulos on the condition that Hugh Hefner could live there until his passing.

Now that Hugh is gone, this Daren fella has it all to himself. What will he do with it? Sex museum? Hotel? Night club? Those are all natural next steps for the property and I would not be surprised to read about any of them. This Daren guy should get on the phone with Leo DiCaprio, convince him to live there, and have him keep things going the way they have been for many years.

I will never be there, I will never experience the seedy fun of that place. I can, however, imagine it and live vicariously through those who have attended the famous parties, and I'd like to keep it that way.

What do you think should happen with it?

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