I will answer my own question with no hesitation, and no second guessing — Jim Morrison is my rock star spirit animal. It's not just his beautiful music that made me idolize Morrison as a young man, but also his inexplicable behavior.

I respect weirdness, and nobody got weirder than Jim. Writhing around on the floor, drunken, incoherent babble, and unrivaled self-reflection. This dude had it all. When you look up "rock star" in the dictionary, his picture SHOULD be there.

The only problem with idolizing someone like Jim Morrison is that at some point, it has to stop or you will die. You can't keep up that kind of rebellion, hell, even he couldn't. It has an expiration date just like a gallon of milk, and if you ignore it, bad things happen.

The other thing is that dudes like him look super cool from far away, but they annoy the hell out of the people closest to them. Take his band for instance. You just want to throw down a great gig, and little Jimmy wants to start a riot. That can't be a sweet feeling if you are Robby Krieger.

So that's mine, who is your rock star spirit animal?

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