When I think about this, I wanna be Metallica guy. When I think of Metallica I think of "Enter Sandman." It's dark, bad ass and mysterious


That would be great and all, but there are two reasons that that could never work.

#1 - That song is, and always will be, Mariano Rivera's entrance music.

#2 - I'm just not cool enough. I'd like to be that guy, but I'm just not.

Instead, I see myself as a more regal S.O.B. When I think about being regal, I think horns. Who in rock and roll has mastered the horns game and still kept it rockin'?

There is, and always will be, one answer to that question - Chicago. That's right. What Chicago song is the best? "25 or 6 to 4" of course!

It just does not get any tighter than that. Not only the horns, but the bass line, man. Imagine you bust through double doors, and that bass kicks in. People just start saying who is this amazing human being? Then, like a double barrel shotgun, they are blasted with horns. Horns for days. That is the guy I wanna be. The guy that has Chicago blasting when he walks into the room.

I can just see it now. I am wearing some amazing linen shirt, wind blowing through my hair, Chicago on 11, and chicks are just fainting left and fainting right. Do me one better. What song could you possibly come up with that would top that?

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