I went to Niagara Falls for a work trip some years back. I was doing a gig at the Seneca Resort & Casino. Let's do this in reverse. Yeah, I visited the Falls, and they are beautiful, and I stayed at the Resort, and it was nice.

When I rolled into town I said, "Holy hell, I done took a wrong turn, this cannot be right." It turns out, I was in the right place. My path to the casino took me on a short tour of the surrounding town, which featured abandoned buildings, more abandoned buildings, illegal burn barrels, other illegal burn barrels, etc. There were no people on the streets, not many open businesses. This was not what I was expecting. I mean, people have had their honeymoons and weddings in this town, and I felt like I was watching a war film. I have heard so many things about Niagara Falls and its beauty for years, and this was not the welcome I thought I would be in store for.

Now, I was there about 7-8 years ago, and it may have bounced back. It may also be a nice town, filled with nice people, doing nice things, I have no bone to pick. My point is, after what I saw, I would not want to spend money and have a short vacation revolve around Niagara Falls. Did I mention the Falls are beautiful?

What place have you been that was not worth it? What place have you been for a vacation that was terrible? Is there a destination that was such a poor experience, it surprised you?

P.S. I found an article from Totally Buffalo from April of last year that suggests there may be hope for a Niagara Falls resurgence.

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