According to the News Times, the annual Hat City Ball will take place January 27th at the Amber Room. There will be food, fun and the Mayor of the great city of Danbury will be honored at the event.

Now, while I have nothing against the Mayor -- in fact, we are friends -- I want to disrupt the event. 'Cause why not? This is one of those high-brow events where guys like Ethan and I just would not fit in. So let's introduce a little anarchy. I mean, I am an agent of chaos.

Ethan and I discussed what we could do to really turn it on its head on our show this morning. While I thought we had some some good ideas, the listeners really came through with some sick ones:

The aggressive whores guy was really onto something. I mean, think of the chain reaction that would set off just seconds after entering the room. Too much fun. And while we're on the topic check out what happened when Ethan and I went looking for ladies of the night in Danbury:

Where Are the Ladies of the Night in Danbury?

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