This has been a topic I have avoided talking about on the Ethan and Lou show for many years. I thought that it would just work itself out, but it has not.

It's time for us to settle this once and for all. Some pronounce it MAYO-pack and others say Ma-HO-pack. How do you pronounce it?

I am from Brewster,  so I grew up around the corner. I have had friends and family that have lived there forever, and no matter who you ask, you get a different answer.

This morning, when we brought it up on the show, we had people directing us to different local notables to ask. One suggestion was that we talk to Carmel Supervisor, Kenneth Schmitt. Another person called and said we should talk to Joe Smith, who owns a Funeral Home in Mahopac and has for years. That is all well and good, and I will probably follow up on that, but I want to know from you.

Do you live in Mahopac? Do you have friends or family there? What do you call it, and why?

JOKE - I just moved and I did not want to deal with it, so I made Ma-HO-pack. HAHA, not mine - Credit - Joey Ech 

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