I've asked the question, I've heard this question asked and I always hear the same answer. People love trick or treating on Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury.

And why not? Deer Hill has both an "old time charm" and a "creep" factor, there are tons of houses and it draws a huge crowd. I love trick or treating on Deer Hill, it's great, and I've done it, but it's not my favorite. We ran a poll on the i95 Facebook page and here were some of our favorite answers:

Annie D.

We’ve never gotten any in the 9 years we have lived here on Ellsworth Ave. - maybe people are scared of Wooster Cemetery. General Wooster fought in the American Revolution for all of us to enjoy candy and prosperity. And dogs. 🐶 👻 💀 **Don’t feed your dogs candy**


Erica R. (My wife) -

Everyone says deer hill because everyone knows deer hill and they give full size candy. Wooptie-doo. I love our neighborhood and any neighborhood that kids can just run ahead of you and happily go door to door. Who eats fully size candy anyways??!?


Caroline B.H. -

I've heard Deer Hill


Annmarie B.-

I grew up on Rose Lane and my trick or treating years coincided perfectly with the building of Candlelight, Park Ridge, Arrowood, Park Ridge South and we could walk through the woods to Hammersmith/Brookside and North Ridge. Don't know how it is over there now but my God, what a bounty to be had each Halloween!!


Rob S. -

Virginia ave grove st area. About 150 to 200 on good nights.


Bill K. -

My sister in law lives on Deer Hill and they usually hand out 2000 plus pieces of candy.


I like my neighborhood and the surrounding streets. I live in the Germantown area, off of Wixon, and I would go as far as to say that it's the best in Danbury.

My street, all of the streets that run parallel and the surrounding neighborhoods are safe and fun. Every year, the home owners do fantastical displays, welcome the kids with open arms and you come out with a huge haul of candy. There's even a group of parents that do a Halloween trailer, complete with decorations/lights that tours the area.

I like where I live, that's just my opinion, but every neighborhood thinks they have the best of everything. Why do you think your neighborhood is the best Trick or Treat spot in the Hat City?

Don't say a condo complex. I am jealous of those parents. They are done in twenty minutes and their kids are still delighted. It's not fair.

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