Don't blink or you might miss this one. Ethan and I had Nick Di Paolo on this morning for about the 400th time. We have him whenever he is willing to come on, because he his hilarious. Here is what happened this morning when Ethan tried to pay him a compliment:

If you know Ethan like I do, you know he was being genuine, but Nick did not take it that way.

I may have to start doing this going forward. We can do the interview with Nick and only keep and play the stuff that was supposed to happen off the air.

You can go see Nick Dipaolo this Saturday night at the Treehouse Comedy show at Bobby V's in Windsor Locks, CT. The show starts at 9pm. Johnny Benson and Lori Palminteri are also on the bill. Tickets are just 25 bucks.

My favorite Nick Dipaolo story - I was opening for him at a Treehouse show in Danbury, CT years ago. Nick refused to get out of his car until the minute he was to go on stage because he did not wanna talk to anyone. I literally had to introduce him, run out to the parking lot and get him. The crowd sat there for easily three minutes between the time I introduced him and when he told his first joke. 

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