Did you read the news that almost every Connecticut media outlet published over the weekend? "Stop & Shop 'Could, Plans To, Set to Close' UNDERPERFORMING stores in Connecticut. Which leads me to ask, have you ever been in a quiet Stop & Shop anywhere in Connecticut?

Let me lead this off by saying that I am a frequent Stop & Shop customer now because I found one of the quietest locations in Connecticut. When I moved to Torrington two years ago, I found a Stop & Shop tucked away in the heart of downtown, it's hidden away in the Torrington Commons Shopping Center on High Street. At any given moment, you might have the store to yourself, it's truly that quiet. In comparison, the Waterbury, Danbury, Southbury, and Watertown Stop & Shop locations are non-stop from the moment they open til the end of each day.

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Does this mean that Stop & Shop is looking at sheer volume in making the decision of which store is 'underperforming'? If that's the case, are we only going to be left with Stop & Shop locations in our major cities? Hartford, New Haven, Danbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, Waterbury, New London, and Middletown? Stop & Shop currently operates 88 locations across Connecticut, and the Counties in Connecticut that seem most at risk to me are in Northern Connecticut - Litchfield and Windham - The 'Quiet Corners' of our state.

Even if the corporate parent takes away 10 of the 88 stores, Stop & Shop supermarkets will still dominate the Connecticut grocery store scene. Wegman's, this is your chance, Norwalk is nice, but the rest of Connecticut needs you.

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