Yeah, I know. Another traffic light simply means more traffic. It's built right into the title there, but there are some that are just so dangerous with only stop signs.

A perfect example, for me, is trying to make a left onto Danbury road from Cross road, or a left onto Cross road from Danbury road. Just brutal. You are taking your life into your hands right there. Or, if you have ever tried making a left into or out of Taco Bell, you know what the term, "your life flashing before your eyes," means.

Then, I personally have the added worry when my wife is the one doing the driving because she thinks it's a big game, and whoever gets there first wins. But what about when it's a tie? That is the problem with that whole mentality. There is no reasoning with aggressive female drivers. It's probably like trying to talk Gary Busey into taking his medication, just absolutely pointless. You clutch the handles you have been given, close your eyes, and hope for the best.

The fact is, every town outgrows it's infrastructure and design at some point. What do you think could use improvement in New Milford?

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