My morning show partner, Ethan Carey, AKA Mr. Magoo, AKA Zennifer Aniston, set his glasses down this morning. I turned on my camera, grabbed the glasses, put them on, and this is what happened:

This guy. I love him, you love him, we all love him, for this reason. He doesn't know ass from his elbow. He was literally interrogating me and questioning where the glasses could be WHILE I was wearing them.

This is just phase one of what will be a long few months for Ethan. I've decided, in an effort to amuse myself, I will be messing with him even more than normal. He's going to encounter some unpleasant, confusing moments and we are all going to have a laugh.\

I know you might be thinking that it's stupid to write that. He could read it, and then will be on high alert. He will be ready for the pranks, right? Wrong.

I could e-mail him the list of pranks today and he will still walk right into them. Just like he did in these other videos:

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