I said on this very website yesterday, that playing the State of the Union drinking game laid out by debatedrinking.com would kill you. Well, I am here to tell you it won't. It almost will kill you, you WILL nearly die, but it turns out, you will live.

When we talked about it yesterday on the Ethan and Lou Show, I shot my wife a text saying how much fun it would be to try. She said it was the worst idea in the world, I agreed and I thought I moved on with my life. Later in the day, Ms. Erica texted me and said, "Do you want me to stop at the liquor store so we can play that game?" Rather than over-examine how she murdered my idea earlier in the day, I simply said, "Yes."

It was a simple concept. We each picked a color, that color had corresponding words, every time the President said one of those words on your list, you drink. There were also "community words." This means if he says them, we both drink. The words were things like "tremendous" "business" and "billions."

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Let's just say a bottle of wine disappeared in a hurry. Here's how it all turned out:



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