Back in early October, we reported that there was an incident involving a gun being fired in the Hat City and told you the Danbury Police Department was investigating the situation.

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The incident in question was captured on surveillance video and distributed after being posted by Al Robinson of Hat City Blog. In the video below, you can clearly see a man pull a gun from his waste area and fire a shot into the sky above.

The video is age restricted and you'll need to sign in to see it. I realize the extra step is annoying, but it's worth it if you've not seen the footage.

The day we published the article, we reported that this had taken place in the area off of Ives Street. After examining the footage again and again and reaching out to members of the community, we were able to be even more specific.

We were able to determine that the video came from the Hat City Ale House surveillance cameras via owner Kevin Paige. The incident occurred in the parking lot outside of his business and a neighboring club called Zona Azul.

We also reached out to then Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo at the time and he told us the following:

"They're is not much I can say right now, I know it's an active investigation and the police hope to identify the suspect." 

When we published the article on October 6, 2021, it created a local buzz in the community and had people asking a lot of valid questions like, how safe are our city streets? Now it's December and I've not heard an update from the investigation but I have reached out to inquire about the progress of the investigation.

I put in inquiries with the Danbury Police Department, City Hall and former Mayor Cavo. Danbury Police Lieutenant Mark Williams responded, saying:

"Sorry, Lou, I'm told an investigator is still actively investigating the incident.  Nothing further at this time."

And former Danbury Mayor and City Councilman Joe Cavo told me he will get me updates as soon as they have them. This is not a bash piece on the Danbury Police Department, or our city leadership. I'm not here suggesting they are not doing what is necessary to identify the suspect but as a Danbury resident, I can't just let that go.
I'm both curious and concerned. I'm concerned because, in my opinion there is a growing and blatant tough guy culture in the Downtown area. Whether it's a man firing a gun outside a nightclub or illegal motorcycle riders doing wheelies down Main Street, we can't allow it to continue for the safety of the children and families of the Hat City. Maybe next time a stray bullet flies into someone's home, then what?

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