When you Google "Famous People From Danbury," what do you get? Here are three names show up right away:

Jonathan Brandis 


A child actor, Brandis was born in Danbury and started his career in modeling. He made his acting debut in 1982 on One Life to Live as Kevin Buchanan. Brandis would go on to star in The Neverending Story II & land the role as Lucas Wolenczak on the NBC series Sea Quest. In 2003 at the age of 27, Brandis tragically took his own life.

Jenna Von Oy 

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Jenna Von Oy was born in Danbury, CT and attended Newtown High School. Von Oy is best known for playing the character "Six" on the hit NBC series Blossom. Von Oy also played Stevie Van Lowe on The Parkers, a spin-off of Moesha on UPN from 1999-2004.

Lindsey Jacobellis

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Lindsey Jacobellis was born in Danbury in 1985. Jacobellis is a pro snowboarder that now lives in the Vermont area. In 2006, Jacobellis won the Silver Medal Women's Snowboard Cross's Olympics debut. She's also won the snowboard cross champion at the X Games 10 times.

Again, Danbury. Kind of a big deal.

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