Don't leave me hanging! What can I do with all my leaves if I live in Danbury?

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This is Everything you need to know about leaf removal in the Hat City:

Will the City of Danbury come out and collect my leaves?

Yes but there are certain guidelines you will need to follow.

I've heard the collection dates are confusing, are there different pickup schedules for different regions of Danbury?

The pickup zones are divided by zip code. If your zip code is 06810 you are Section A. If your zip code is 06811, you are considered Section B.

When are the pickup dates for Section A (06810)?

October 25 – October 29: Section A (zip code 06810)

November 8 – November 12: Section A

November 22 – November 26: Section A

When are the pickup dates for Section B?

November 1 – November 5: Section B (zip code 06811)

November 15 – November 19: Section B

November 29 – December 3: Section B

Will the City pickup branches?

Branches are picked up separately. The limbs have to be cut into lengths no longer than 4 feet, no limb may be larger than 4 inches in diameter.  Branches must be bundled with twine in bundles no heavier than 35 lbs.

Where do I place the leaves? When should I leave them out?

Put the bags curbside on Sunday evenings.

Are there any other rules associated with leaf pickup?

Your leaves need to be bagged in paper leaf bags that you can buy at any big box store or local hardware store. You cannot use tape to close the bags, you cannot have garbage, rocks, grass, large clumps of dirt, brush, animal waster or tree stumps in your bags.

Who will pickup the leaves? 

The Danbury Highway Department.

If I don't want to participate in the City's leaf pickup program, is there another method of disposal?

Ferris Mulch accepts leaf bags as well as tree and organic yard debris, free for Danbury Citizens.

Who can I contact for more information?

Call the CityLine at (203)744-4311 or visit the City of Danbury website.

Anything else? 

The City Highway Department says they will do their best to get to each road, in each zone but if your leaf bags are not picked up the first time you put them out, put them back out again in the following available time period assigned to your section. The City says the rules and pickup dates are subject to change.

Is the the picture in this article a photo of Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo working in his yard? 

Yes, yes it is. Mayor Cavo is always on the move.

Listen, I thought it was a confusing system when I first read it, and maybe a lot of hoops to jump through which is why I wanted to disseminate the information in a way that is easier to digest, I hope I accomplished that. What are the alternatives? I can tell you because I have tried.

You can rake them into your neighbors yard when they are not looking but that is bad karma and they will eventually blow back onto your property. The other thing I've done is raked the leaves into one long pile and drove over them with the mower 600 times. That one took me an entire day and isn't worth it. OK, that enough, I'm leavin!

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