It's called "06880 Where Westport Meets the World" and someone there is listening to the Ethan and Lou Show.

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In a recent segment on I-95, Ethan and I discussed the trouble with CT beaches, specifically Como Beach in Westport, CT. After we learned a non-resident season pass costs $775, we had some choice words to say that included:

Lou - "Like Compo Beach, scratch a--, get out of my face Westport."

Ethan - "What is the one that costs $775?"

Lou - "It's Compo Beach." 

Ethan - "Come on!" 

Lou - "Non-residents can purchase a season pass for $775 plus tax!" 

Listen to the segment below.

I published an article about this last week and we mentioned that along with the hefty price tag, comes a laundry list of rules that include:

  • Solicitation of sale of goods or services for commercial reasons without the written permission of the Westport Parks and Recreation Department is prohibited.
  • Glass bottles and glass containers are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at Compo Beach facility (parking lots, athletic fields, basketball courts, beach front area, and grass area) without a written permit issued by the Parks and Recreation Department, the exception being the South Beach picnic area.
  • Beer kegs or other containers of beer in excess of one liter is prohibited.
  • Amplified music: including bands and DJ’s, without the written permission of the Parks and Recreation Department is prohibited.

Those rules come courtesy of the Town of Westport website. Well, someone at "06880" got a hold of my write up or heard the segment live, and reacted in an article called "Roundup: Beach Rules, Gun Violence, Dog Poop."  It was published on June 4, 2022 and they seemed to agree on at least one point I made, saying "there are definitely lots of rules at Compo Beach."

What "06880" noted, is that I over-simplified the rules a bit (my words). While the rules clearly state that alcoholic beverages "are prohibited at Compo Beach facility (parking lots, athletic fields, basketball courts, beach front area, and grass area) without a written permit", it is allowed at South Beach.

I don't know the lay-of-the-land well enough to know if that is good enough for my boozy standards. If the picnic area is close to the sand and water, then it's a point for their side, if not, I'll keep that as a check in my column.

My biggest takeaway from what "06880"  piece is what they wrote at the top of their article which stated:

"The cost of a Westport beach sticker for out-of-towners — $775 — has been the subject of heated debate, everywhere from the pages of “06880” to the halls of the State Capitol." 

I had a feeling about this subject, knowing that I don't want to pay so much to go to the beach but I didn't know it was already a point of contention. What this appears to boil down to, is what Ethan Carey said on our show, "you know what that says, we don't want you here."

If it hasn't already, the price will eventually touch trigger points on broader social issues.

P.S. Nowhere in 06880's article do they agree with me saying "scratch ass." I wanted to make that clear so I don't pull them into my nightmare world.

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