I thought I was hallucinating the first time that I saw someone whipping along at 20 mph uphill on an electric bicycle. I though "My God, they have strong legs!" My next thought was, wow, I'd love to see what it feels like to ride one of those things.

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I may find out soon, if I can convince myself that I'm still capable of riding a bike at 52 years old. But if you're in shape, and adventurous, unlike me, boy do I have a very cool business in one of the most gorgeous areas of Connecticut to tell you about.

The Most Gorgeous Place To Rent An Electric Bike in Connecticut

Wide-open space, thick forest, an abundance of trails, mountain and water views, and a covered bridge? West Cornwall has it all.

You must be 16 or older to rent an electric bike from Covered Bridge Electric Bike, per Connecticut law. Sounds like fun, right? Do it.

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