The story broke Wednesday (4-13-22), a 34-year-old woman named Krystal Jones was arrested and charged with sex crimes by the Danbury Police Department.

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Jones is alleged to have had sex with an unnamed 15-year-old from Danbury. The news spread on social media in a hurry and the public shared their opinions. Below are some of the posts I've found on the matter.

Charles H. - "She probably taught him something."

Tom W. - "Kids just trying to get laid." 

James H. - "Tom W, what if it was a man with an underage girl?"

Ronnie R. - "Lucky kid!"

James H. - "Ronnie, if it was a man and a girl, you’d want him fried on the 6 o’clock news."

Scott I. - "I can hear the high fives from here."

Jason M. - "Now flip the roles, and imagine it was a man with a 15 year old girl. Now give that type of heat."

Anna M.C. - "We got some sick people in this world! It takes all kinds!!"

Megan N. - "The ones getting humor out of this are just as f----- up as she is."

Heather W. - "Wow….smh. Her poor kids. And the victim in this. I am shocked."

Kelly M.M. - "Let's talk about all the adults having sex with kids.."

Suzanne S. - "That’s nasty, It’s called desperate."

Kristen T. - "Way to finally make her public !! She is so disgusting !!"

Marissa B. - "HOW FREAKING GROSS. --------. she looks so proud of what she did."

Kathy C.H. - "Disgusting… put her in general population. Even convicts have morals."

Ana L. - "Disgusting" 

Terry P.K. - "Your discussing!!!!" 

"Discussing" is how they spelled it.

UPDATE: I received an e-mail from a listener who wishes to remain nameless. They shared a screenshot image with me, saying it contained information about Jones. The information contained is a public doc, available to anyone. It shows that Jones has an "inactive" Medication Administration Certificate from the CT Department of Consumer Protection.

Public Doc
Public Doc

The home address and name on the public document match the name and address in the Danbury PD Press Release.

Attached to the photo came a message that read:

"Kind of scary to think about if it is the same Krystal that in combination with the current allegations that she had a Medication Administration Training credential...if you scroll to bottom it looks like also a temporary Registered Nursing credential given from Florida (you say)." 

There is a message on Jones' Facebook page that now stands out. I cannot say for sure if it has to do with the case but refers to people looking for "clues."

Krystal Jones Facebook - Dec 3 2021 - "If you on my page for clues … here’s one bitch..."

That text was followed by a middle finger emoji, followed by a kissing lips emoji

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