Here's a gift for the person who loves to cook but also has obsessive tendencies. Amazon sells the Obsessive Chef Bamboo cutting board for $28.99. Is your loved one a chef at heart? Is he/she unreasonably particular? Than this gift is perfect for them.

If only I had any cooking ability, I'd put this at the top of my list. For me, cooking seems a bit chaotic, there are ingredients all over the place and nothing seems organized enough. I like some order, I need my veggies lined up like soldiers going into battle so this idea is brilliant.

Quality of ingredients and the tools of the trade are a big deal to any pro or amateur chef. I learned that the hard way once when I tried to look at a chef's nice. I was looking with my hands, not my eyes and it was not appreciated. This product seems like it's got some solid quality going. You can't go wrong with Bamboo, that's what I always say.

For me it comes down to this, you are either the kind that loves an obsessive, bamboo cutting board or your an anarchist who uses the Slap Chop.


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