A weather man is Ohio was tasked with updating viewers on a Tornado warning in the middle of "The Bachelorette." His name is Jamie Simpson of FOX 45 out of Dayton, OH and he was making the mistake of caring about people, potentially in the path of a tornado while hit TV show was on the air.

Apparently Jamie was minding the social media feed while on the air. I'm here to tell you from experience that looking at social media in real time while on the air is problematic. What Jamie did not know is that Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette" was particularly captivating.

We were watching two contestants on the show have their own individual meltdowns. Cam was meddling, being a douche and talking in the third person. Luke P. was being obsessive, creepy and needy all at once. Monday night was that tipping point that happens in every Bachelor/Bachelorette season. That's the episode where we graduate from "getting to know one another" to figuring out who is certifiably crazy.

P.S. Jamie's roller coaster of emotion from 0 to 60 back to 0 again with the apology was a bit of a window into his world.

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