An up-and-coming weather-predicting chicken named Cluxatawney Henrietta from Muscoot Farm in Katonah is calling Punxsutawney Phil a buck-toothed liar for his prediction of six more weeks of winter.

Henrietta realizes she's only been in the weather predicting game for four years, whereas Phil has been doing this for 135 years. Keep in mind their prediction techniques are very different, but so are their species.

Punxsutawney's prediction method is to come out of his hole and look for his shadow. If he sees his shadow, that means six more weeks of winter. Henrietta's forecast is much more involved. Henrietta has written a letter in 'chicken scratch,' of course, for the last four years. This is what she wrote:

I woke up this morning with weather on my mind. Will we get more winter storms or will the forecast be more kind. I heard Phil is predicting more ice and snow but what's in store for Westchester County, I bet you'd like to know. The time is here so you don't have to beg but we'll see an early spring because here is my egg.

The chicken vehemently disagrees with the groundhog, but you must admit, Henrietta's technique is much more advanced than Phil's. Anyone can see their shadow, but how many of us can lay an egg?

I'm going with the weather predicting chicken this year despite her rookie status. My suggestion would be to hire a young upstart groundhog with an attitude for next year's prognostication.

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