Connecticut may be great at perfecting pizza, and inventing the hamburger, but wow, we truly suck at keeping seafood restaurants in business. I just found out that the last remaining location of a legendary Connecticut seafood restaurant has announced their permanent closure.

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The USS Chowder Pot III, located at 560 E. Main St. in Branford, is gone for good as of Sunday, March 3, 2024. The closure was announced yesterday afternoon by Chef John and family on Chowder Pot III's Facebook page, the statement reads -

"With a heavy heart I have to announce the closure of our doors today. I want to say thank you for all of the love and support you have shown myself and Chowder Pot III throughout the years. I could have not done it without all of you, my staff, and my family."

- Chef John

What the hell is happening along the Connecticut shoreline? Why can't our legendary seafood restaurants maintain regular business? Lenny & Joe's in New Haven, I semi-understood, but the last Chowder Pot in Connecticut? I know the answer to my generic question though, it's got to be the incredible increases in wholesale seafood prices, right? Or have the regulations against our Connecticut fishermen and what, when, how, and where they catch their product strangled whatever life was left out of our industry?

Chowder Pot IV shut down in Hartford just last year, in order to make way for an INSA  cannabis dispensary, but there is no mention of the plans for future of the property in Branford.

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