LaBonne's Markets continues to go out of their way to champion other local businesses here in Connecticut.

Take a walk through their aisles at any of their four locations - Watertown, Woodbury, Salisbury, and Prospect - and you'll find all of the national products that you're looking for. Right next to them or in a prominently featured area of an end cap, you'll find a locally made version.

When I need a jar of red sauce from Waterbury's Grotto Restaurant, I go to LaBonne's. When I want some bacon from Nodine's, I go to LaBonne's. For a while now, the Watertown LaBonne's has carried a few products from Waterbury's Fascia's Chocolates, and according to a social media post from LaBonne's, just in time for Valentine's Day sweets, it will be a little easier to get your hands on some of Waterbury's finest chocolates.

According to the post, LaBonne's has now created a special Fascia's Chocolates section in three out of their four stores, with the last store's section coming very soon. With the expanded selection, you can now get Fascia's Chocolates in the Prospect, Salisbury, and Watertown LaBonne's Markets, with the Woodbury chocolate delivery coming very soon.

Fascia's makes a wonderful assortment of chocolate products, seasonal Valentine's Day favorites, bars, barks, nonpareils, chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries, fruits and nuts, and so much more. They've been creating incredible chocolate creations for 57 years, since 1964. LaBonne's Markets have been in business quite a bit longer, since the early 1900's. Congratulations on another expanded local partnership LaBonne's and Fascia's, I'll be in the Watertown store picking up my sweets for my sweets this week.

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