Dozens of Naugatuck teens took to the streets last Wednesday to protest racist social media posts by a fellow student at Naugatuck High School.

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Multiple social media threats were made about committing violence against Black people repeatedly using a racial slur. The teen who made the threats is the daughter of police Chief Steven Hunt and Naugatuck High School's assistant principal, Johanna Hunt. One of the messages on Facebook reads,

My dad is now officially police chief so that means he's more advanced in shooting black people then he just was a couple minutes ago.

The Hartford Courant reported that one of the protesters,15-year-old sophomore Matthew Davy said,

To the family in question, I don't have any hate in my heart, nor do I have a single word of slander, but I have to ask: Does our skin scare you?


The students marched from the high school to the town green carrying Black Lives Matter flags while chanting "no justice, no peace" and "enough is enough."

Personally, I've always wondered why a segment of the country's population feels such hate for people who aren't like them as it pertains to skin color, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

Have you ever asked someone who just used a racial slur during a casual conversation, "Why would you say that? Did that specific person do something to you?"  Did that individual grow up in a home where they were taught to avoid or hate people of color? What's the answer?

Steve and Johanna Hunt condemned the comments made by their daughter, saying, "We have raised all three of our children in a loving household always appreciative of the rich diversity in our community and the complex and often inequitable history of race in our society." 

I'm pretty sure that Steve and Johanna Hunt asked their daughter, "Why would you say something like that?" If they did, I wonder how their daughter answered that question.

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