I saw the sad news come across in my Facebook feed late last night, another bad blow to Waterbury's Brass Mill Center Mall.

According to Rep-AM.com, one of the remaining 3 anchors in the facility, Macy's, will soon permanently shut down. If you've been in the mall recently, it should come as no surprise. I took a walk through recently during the holiday season, and I have to admit, it shocked me. The H&M Store is gone, as are most national retailers.

So many shuttered store fronts, empty blocks of retail space litter the massive facility. Either end of the mall was deserted, the old Sears area was only mildly busy, due to the concentration of all the fast food restaurants in the food court. Most of the clientele seemed to be killing time in a warm location, rather than holiday shopping. The Coronavirus made the old mall walkers stay away, and the small gatherings of old-timers, spinning their 'Days of yore' stories to each other, are long gone too.

Waterbury wasn't the only Connecticut Macy's that will be closing, Waterford is also on the list too.  Danbury Fair made it through the cuts, but the White Plains store in the Galleria did not, that will close soon. Following these closures, Macy's will be down to around 400 stores.

The Brass Mill Center Mall seems to be in serious trouble. JC Penney, one of the remaining two anchors, filed for bankruptcy protection early on in the pandemic, back in May of 2020. Burlington is the other anchor, and as I stated earlier, this past holiday season seemed awful everywhere for retail. Hopefully by summer time, the owners of the Brass Mill Mall, Brookfield Properties, will have something to fill the massive spaces that are now sitting empty.

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