Apparently United Van Lines has been doing a National migration survey every year for the last 44 years, who knew? The study can be revealing in all sorts of ways, but the big headline each year is to see which states people are fleeing the most.

This year, New Jersey took the top spot for residents leaving to live in another state, followed by New York at #2, Illinois at #3 and Connecticut at #4. There you go, everyone is running, screaming from the Tri-State area.

CT had an inbound retirement rate of 6+% and an outbound retirement rate of 31+%. The good news is, more people are coming here for work, then are leaving the Nutmeg State.

Where are people moving to? South Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Arizona, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. Florida you say?

Normally I'd say good for me, the cost of living will go down and the congestion will ease, but that's not true where you and I live. One of the few areas in CT that is seeing people move in, in record numbers is Fairfield County.

People are moving to Danbury, Bethel, Ridgefield, Newtown, New Milford and New Fairfield and many are moving here from New York City.

You hear it everywhere, ask any realtor and they will tell you stories of bidding wars and offers way over asking price. Fairfield County is for sale and going fast.

I do like driving moving vans, they smell weird and drive weirder, maybe I'll rent one for fun. But, I'm not moving, I don't care who comes in and I really don't care who leaves. Go to Florida, fight with a gator over a golf ball. What do I care?

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