The Mayor of my hometown, the great City of Waterbury, Neil O'Leary, received some exciting news that he shared on his social media yesterday.

Mayor O'Leary has been appointed to serve on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC). Mayor O'Leary is one of 39 members of the Committee, appointed by US EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

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The LGAC was formed in 1993 as a formal committee that advises the EPA administrator about environmental issues that critically impact local governments. The 39 members of the LGAC are from 30 different US States, Tribal Nations, and US Territories. The EPA received around 150 nominations back in March 2021.

According to EPA Administrator Regan

"This diverse, highly qualified group of local leaders will bring new voices and ideas to EPA's work. EPA is counting on their input and collaboration to help achieve our mission in every zip code. From tackling climate change to advancing environmental justice, we need local partners at the table to address our most pressing environmental challenges."

Mayor O'Leary said:

"It is an honor to receive this appointment. I'm excited to be a voice for cities and towns as we work collaboratively with our leaders at EPA to address the wide range of environmental challenges and concerns we all share."

Mayor O'Leary has worked closely with the EPA over the years. Just over a month ago, Waterbury received $4 million dollars in an EPA Brownfield Grant to clean up the old Anaconda and Anamet sites in the city. O'Leary has also led the charge in bringing new businesses into the Brass, and the Naugatuck River, and it's environment, is thriving due to everyone's efforts.

Waterbury is extremely diverse environmentally, with the mighty Naugy and its tributaries running down the middle, so much urban sprawl, and distinct 4 seasons, every day there is a new challenge from Mother Nature. Congratulations Mr. Mayor and thanks for all that you're doing to improve our City.

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