One of my first jobs in broadcasting was as a traffic reporter for radio and TV stations. I used to drive around, look for accidents, and report the delays back. I've seen thousands of accidents along I-84 over the years, and I've driven between Waterbury and Brookfield almost every day for the last 15 years in my current job.

84 has been horrendous lately -- morning and afternoon there are accidents that block us up for 20-40 minutes. I've noticed that they happen in the same locations every day, and they usually involve 3 to 2 lane merges. I've gathered together 10 of the most accident prone locations along 84 East and West between Danbury and Waterbury, if you're a daily 84 commuter like I am, I think you'll agree.

The 10 Places You're Most Likely to Crash on I-84 Between Danbury and Waterbury

I noticed that motor vehicle accidents happen in the same areas of I-84 between Danbury and Waterbury very often, here are 10 of the most common areas that crashes have been reported

The Worst Intersections in Danbury

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