A local fire department went above and beyond for a Hudson Valley horse who was found in a stressful situation.

The Patterson Fire Department No.1 shared on their Facebook page that on Wednesday, August 25th they were called to help at a local farm. When the Patterson heavy rescue team showed up, they were met by a 31-year old male horse named Dozer.

Sadly, Dozer was in distress. The horse had somehow  "fallen and managed to get himself stuck between a rock and a fence line" according to the Facebook page. At first, the team on site tried to shift Dozer into a different position to get him up and standing. However, the Patterson Fire Department determined that they were going to need additional equipment to move Dozer since he had then become to exhausted to move.

The Patterson Fire Department explains how they moved Dozer to safety writing:

After some discussion it was established that the best plan of action was to use a paratech bipod system. It would be used as an artificial high directional with TU-32 griphoist’s assisting to lift the horse up. With a lot of sweat and effort the crew was able to lift the horse back up onto his feet.

Thankfully, the plan was executed successfully and after getting some fluids in his system and a little bit of rest, Dozer was able to "trot away, unassisted."

The Patterson Fire Department reports that this is the 4th horse rescue in the last few years. All 4 rescues have had a successful outcome. The fire department went on to thank the "Putnam Lake Fire Department, New England Equine Practice, the Town of Patterson EMS, and the New York State Police for all their assistance as well as Paratech Fire & Rescue Equipment for such amazing equipment."


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