Recently, the courts ruled in favor of the Sandy Hook families who are in a court battle with Infowars' Alex Jones.

Families of some of the Sandy Hook shooting victims sued conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for relentlessly preaching that the shootings never happened. He said it was a huge conspiracy because it was all staged by actors and there were no shootings. The families sued Jones claiming his followers were threatening and harassing them. What is Alex Jones all about?

The NewsTimes is now reporting that Jones will likely face a Waterbury jury. Superior Court Judge, Barbara Bellis is recommending the case be heard in Waterbury Superior Court where she will preside beginning September 1.

Jones had requested that the case be moved out of the area claiming it would be difficult to acquire an impartial jury. Waterbury is only 30 minutes from Sandy Hook which troubles Jones's attorney, Jay Wolman who doesn't think Jones will get a fair trial unless it's moved much farther away.

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