The courts' have ruled in favor of the Sandy Hook families in their recent court battles against Alex Jones and Info Wars.

It appears that conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones's world is beginning to crumble. The New York Times has reported that families of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims have recently scored victories in three defamation lawsuits against Alex Jones and Infowars.

The families that filed lawsuits against Jones claimed they have endured death threats, stalking, and online abuse ever since Jones began spreading fabricated claims about the shootings. Those false claims contend that the victims' families were actually actors in a plot to seize firearms from Americans.

Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and YouTube have all made the decision to ban Jones from their sites. The Sandy Hook families have recently won an array of victories in their defamation suits against Jones.

Vigil Held In Newtown, Connecticut For Las Vegas Shooting Victims
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A Florida woman, Lucy Richards was sentenced to five months in prison back in June of 2017 for continually threatening the father of six-year-old, Noah Pozner. She admitted sending a number of threatening messages that said death was coming to him "real soon."

Robbie Parker lost his 6-year-old daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook shootings. He told the New York Times that one day in October of 2016 as he was walking down a Seattle street, a man approached him asking him if he had lost a child at Sandy Hook. When Parker replied, "Yes, my daughter," this man began spewing a litany of expletives that he kept up as Parker continued to walk.


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