To the surprise of anyone that has not been to a movie theater in the past two years, Connecticut lost another movie theater yesterday. Almost two weeks ago, Niantic Cinemas announced that they were temporarily shutting down.

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My Waterbury social media feeds were blazing last night as Regal Cinemas in the Brass Mill Center Mall in Waterbury announced that they were closing the theater permanently. According to a statement from Regal Cinemas on, the owners of Regal gave a generic statement confirming the Regal Cinemas Brass Mill's closure, and thanked the Waterbury community for their support. On behalf of a patron that has been in this theater hundreds of times since it opened, hey, right back at you.

The commenters on Waterbury social media groups have been almost unanimous - "Oh no", "Who cares", and "That mall is dangerous, it should be torn down" are the most common that I see. One even said that their car was stolen from the parking lot the last time they saw a movie at the Brass Mill.

I may be in the minority here, but I always enjoyed my experience at that theater. Typically we had the whole place to ourselves, and Regal Cinemas - Brass Mill was a massive theater complex with plenty of restrooms close by and killer sound systems.

If you want to go check out the latest big-budget thriller on the silver screen in Waterbury, you'll have to take a ride to Wolcott Street and see it at Apple Cinemas. They're the only game in town yet again. Southington and Southbury are your other choices.

What is going to happen to all that empty square footage on the 3rd floor of the Brass Mill now? What could possibly replace those theaters? My dream is for Cornerstone Realty, who just purchased the Colonial Plaza, to bring back Plaza 1234 back to Thomaston Ave.

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