You gotta respect their dedication to the art. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Well, then, you have to watch what Mayor Mark Boughton of the Great City of Danbury, and some very dedicated accomplices have created for us. It's their homage to the great Freddie Mercury and Queen's legendary Live Aid performance, and it's all done for the benefit of stocking a local food bank with a very generous donation from the Savings Bank of Danbury.

As we all have seen, this pandemic has devastated so many lives, jobs, and businesses. Food banks have seen a devastating drop in donations from not only the general public, but also from grocery stores, who just can't keep up with public demand. Daily Bread Food Pantry has been helping keep our less fortunate fed throughout Greater Danbury since 1984 from their West Street location, and they've seen an incredible surge in food insecure families seeking assistance since March.

Savings Bank of Danbury has been one of our area's leading financial institutions since 1849, and they've always been a huge contributor to community causes and events in Danbury.

Now that we know the players, how did the video come about? According to Mayor Mark, he was challenged by the employees of of the bank to appear in the video, and if he did, SBD would raise and donate $40,000 to give to the Daily Bread Food Pantry.

Bravo, guys, I truly respect the attention to detail. And I have to say that the image of Mayor Mark in that flesh-colored shirt and the handlebar 'stache = another run at Governor Your Honor.

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