How would you feel about riding cross country on a Harley and getting paid for it?

According to a story at, Harley Davidson is offering their "Find Your Freedom" Internships to 8 very lucky college students over this summer. You will be asked to travel across the country on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and write about your experience on social media.

Sound too amazing to be true? Well, it is amazing, and it is true, but wait, it gets even better. Not only will you get paid for riding a Harley cross country if you're selected, but at the completion of your internship, you get to keep the motorcycle!

61st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Getty Images

This 12-week internship is the real deal. It's designed to give you hands-on experience in integrated marketing communications, which means you will be writing about your experiences out on the open road while living the motorcycle culture for 12, freedom-loving weeks. Harley Davidson will even teach you how to ride.

Years ago, Danbury Harley gave me a Harley Fatboy to ride for a couple days, and I was in heaven. There's absolutely nothing like it! If you're interested, don't wait to apply, because applications are due by May 11, 2018. Fill out your internship application by clicking on this link.

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