Do you remember the first time you walked underneath the Brontosaurus at Yale's Peabody Museum? I sure do. If that awesome, inspiring sight has stuck with you for life, as it has with me, there's a unique opportunity for you to put your name on it.

My first encounter with the very first Brontosaurus skeleton that was ever discovered in our world was in 1975. I was 6, my mom took my brother Steve and I into New Haven. We were so excited to see the dinosaurs, we had only read about them in books and magazines. It blew my mind, feeling so small, standing underneath something so immense. The 1970's & 80's were the best time in human history to be obsessed with dinosaurs - Land of the Lost, Jurassic Park, even Godzilla.

The Peabody Museum at Yale is where our fantasy interactions with real dinosaurs become possible. That moment of inspiration in 1975 has lasted a lifetime. I saw something interesting on the Peabody Museum website today that I thought was a great idea. As of right now, you could put your name on one of the bones of the most famous dinosaur in Connecticut.

Adopt a Bone is what the Peabody has dubbed it. Basically, for 1 year, July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025, your name will be assigned, or 'Adopted', to one of the real bones of the incredible Brontosaurus. If you're a high roller, you could put your name on the Brontosaurus's Intercostal Clavicle for $25,000, or the Pelvis for $10,000. A Rib goes for $750, and a Tail Vertebrae will set you back $250.

Keep your eye open for the Large Dave Tarsals, it's the least I can do for a lifetime of inspiration.

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