It's summertime, it's hot. Who feels like dressing up when you can dress down? All the way down.

I know, you've probably been working hard on that summer bod, and maybe you want to show it off a little -- or a lot. Well, if you feel like trading in your suit or skirt for nothing but skin, you're in luck, because Connecticut has two places where you can do just that.

You can combine your love for the great outdoors with your love for the Discovery Channel reality show Naked and Afraid. The only difference at these two resorts is that you'll be able to camp, swim, even play volleyball without all the pitfalls that come from being alone on some island with absolutely no amenities.

If you're ready to take it all off and enjoy some hot fun in the summer, here are the two places located right here in Connecticut where wearing clothing is definitely not an option. Just remember, you're going to need plenty of sunscreen.

Your first option is Solair Family Nudist Resort located in Woodstock, CT.

Their catchy slogan says it all. It's the resort where you can "Pack less, and enjoy more".

Solair is a family-oriented resort and campground where people of all ages can relax and discover the freedom of recreation without clothing.

google maps image
google maps image

Located on 360 secluded acres, Solair is billed on their website as an inclusive community where people from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes can relax without judgment or fears about safety or image.

Even though they say it's a family nudist resort, I can't image the whole family walking around together totally in the buff, that might be a little weird from where this humble broadcaster sits. Solair has been serving their members since 1934, however, so they must be doing something right.

For more information on Solair Resort call 860-928-9174. Just remember, there's a good chance the individual you'll be talking to when making a reservation will be naked.

Our other option is Sun Ridge Resort located in Sterling, CT, very close to the Rhode Island border.

Sun Ridge also has a catchy slogan: "It's the simple joy of nudity, with great people, at a relaxed resort."

Sun Ridge is billed on their website as New England's Premier Nudist Resort. They welcome both seasoned and newcomer nudists with a laid back, non-judgmental approach that makes everyone feel at ease.

google maps image
google maps image

Sun Ridge is a resort that caters to adult couples. There are plenty of activities like their no-clothes-allowed swimming pool. They offer campsites and rentals by the day, week, or month and many recreational amenities. For more information or reservations, call 860-779-1512. Just remember, if you're going to be camping, you'll need plenty of bug spray to keep the mosquitoes of your you-know-what.

So, now you know that you have a couple of "no clothes" options this summer when planning that vacation. You're welcome.

Remember, just because you are totally naked, there are a number of rules you'll still have to follow at both resorts, including things like using a towel anywhere you sit or lounge, the use of photography or video equipment is limited and, of course, there's no genital jewelry allowed. But everybody knows that, right?

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