I certainly don't understand that why now would journalists be so up in arms about this controversial t-shirt.

The shirt in question was a men's t-shirt that said, "Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required." Keep in mind that these t-shirts have been available at Walmart stores since 2009 but just recently were made available online at walmart.com. So why wasn't it such a big deal eight years ago? Was it because that in 2009 our President at the time didn't have a vendetta against journalists.

Walmart Website Sold By Teespring.com
Walmart Website Sold By Teespring.com

The shirt was picked up by Walmart from teespring.com., which is a third party seller. According to the Denver Post, a journalist advocacy group informed Walmart that it found the shirt threatening. Both Walmart and Teespring apologized and then removed the shirt from their online inventory immediately. A Teespring spokesperson issued a statement saying:

"In addition to violating our terms of services, we do not promote user-generated content of this nature  and find it unacceptable. We had it removed as soon as we became aware of the situation."

Meanwhile back at the White House, Trump and his advisors were seen wearing the controversial t-shirts during an informal get-together in the Oval Office while laughing their fool heads off. Sorry, not true, fake news.

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