Connecticut's population in 1962 was 2.6 million. In 2022, it's 3.6 million. Have you wondered what Connecticut looked like 60 years ago, with 1 million less residents? This is for you.

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I found a vintage travelogue film on YouTube from Periscope Films called "Connecticut Calling". My guess is it was filmed around 1963, 64ish? In the 20 minute film, which you can watch by clicking HERE, you get a narrated tour of some of our home state's top attractions in the early 1960's, including the cities of Hartford and New Haven, Lime Rock Park, Mystic Seaport, the American Shakespeare theater in Stratford, and New London's Ocean Beach, among many other historical stops, including Essex, Washington, and an extensive tour of Gillette Castle.

It's shocking to see how pristine the landscape was back then, with no electronic billboards and safety signs. Not a cellphone in sight, and limited options for entertainment. Step back into early 1960's Connecticut -

Vintage Travelogue Reveals Connecticut in the 1960's

Have you wondered what our home used to look 60 years ago? I found a great vintage Travelogue called Connecticut Calling on YouTube from the early 1960's, take a look at some of the highlights that I found.

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