Vince Neil avoided getting "terminated" for another two challenges during the second week of Celebrity Apprentice, but not without getting driven a bit batty by former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz.

As you may remember from last week's recap, Neil, Lovitz and the rest of the men's team won both week one battles, despite the former Motley Crue singer reportedly nearly coming to blows with Boy George over a couple of glasses of wine.

This left the women's squad extremely shorthanded at the beginning of tonight's show. "I feel bad for them," Vince said, "but not that bad." He may have jinxed his team a bit, because the ladies promptly broke their losing streak and won tonight's opening contest by creating the better grape juice viral ads.

Luckily, Neil had stayed under the radar during this event, with his biggest faux pas seemingly being a total inability to pronounce polyphenol. So football legend Eric Dickerson was sent home instead.

It looked like more trouble was brewing during the next challenge, which found Lovitz leading the team through the creation of commercials for a barbecue sauce. (Neil managed to recruit his girlfriend for the spot, as you can see by his tweet below.)

The comedian's unwillingness to take feedback rankled many members of the team, with Neil referring to Lovitz as "frustrating" several times. "He doesn't listen to ideas," Neil complained at one point. "Just listen for one second about what we're saying, you know? It might be better."

Things came to a (rather polite, not at all scary) head when Neil walked out of the editing suite after getting his ideas ignored. "Are you upset with me?" a pursuing Lovitz asked. "Well, just, you just don't f---ing listen to anybody," responded Neil in a manner that suggested he was far more concerned with finding a solution than causing a ruckus. "We're just trying to help."

As it turns out, Lovitz's work was good enough to once again defeat the women's team, leading Jersey Shore star Snooki to tearfully commit reality show hari-kari by insisting she be the one host Arnold Schwarzenegger sent "to the choppa."

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