It's happened again, another accident on the Taconic Parkway!

The latest accident happened around 5:30 am on Monday morning, going northbound near the Pudding Street overpass in Putnam Valley, which is one of the most dangerous intersections on the Taconic.

According to, a New York City corrections van overturned near the Pudding Street intersection. There were no inmates being transported and the driver and passenger were not seriously injured. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

Pudding Street intersects the parkway going both northbound and southbound, which means that anyone driving on Pudding St. has to cross the Taconic on both sides where cars are traveling at least 60 mph. Most vehicles are cruising around 70-75 mph. By the way, the speed limit on the Taconic Parkway is 55 mph. Putnam Valley residents are frustrated and angry because of the number of car crashes at that intersection, and many fear that speed is the main factor.

As of April of 2016, State Senator Sue Sernio says she's secured $27.4 million to get the overpass project started. According to, Putnam Valley residents have heard that story before.

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