This past Sunday area musicians got together to perform for the HERO PROJECT or Heroin Education to Resist Opiates.

My son, Ethan James (EJ) was one of those musicians who performed at Molten Java in Bethel. He played one of his original songs titled "Sick," which details his battle with heroin addiction. I'm proud to tell you that EJ's been in recovery for six years and this dad is so very proud! When he finished his song, he told the crowd how he'd lost too many friends to heroin in 2016. He went on to tell the NewsTimes:

We've lost a lot of physical bodies, but their souls are right here with us.

Check out the song, 'Sick' by clicking on the slideshow:


Personally, being EJ's dad, I witnessed first hand his battle with addiction. It began with opiates which graduated into heroin. I remember him telling me that he always told himself he would never even try heroin, but he slipped and became instantly addicted. The road to recovery, with a couple of falls along the way and finally leading to a methadone program, would take EJ three to four years. Learning how to function on a day to day basis without self medicating would take two more years to accomplish.

He told me he knew that if he didn't stop, he would die. I commend EJ for turning his life around, and because of his hard work and perseverance, he's become a motivational support system for many on his Facebook Page.

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