I know how this looks. It is not great optics. I watch daytime TV and very few people can respect that. I work from home after the show, I put the TV on and I watch as many Dr. Phil shows as I can.

The truth is that he is right 9,000% of the time. You can't watch a full episode of Dr. Phil and then walk away saying that guy is full of it. You cannot! The guys spits knowledge like a camel spits, spit.

Not only does the guy just break people down with psychological truth but he makes great television. He knows how to put on a show. I watched an episode last week that was about a couple who were habitual liars. The husband came in locked and loaded with some mega lies. He claimed to be a doctor, he claimed to be a millionaire, he claimed to be sober and he claimed to have cancer. Doc Phil gave him a lie detector test, tracked down his financials, medical records, gave him a drug/alcohol test and he tracked down his school records. Guess what? The guy was not a doctor, did not have cancer, was not a millionaire, was drunk during the show. ELECTRIC TV.

Daytime TV eats the big one. Dr. Phil is the only good thing on during the day. Many people would say that people only like it because it is in the middle of a sea of mediocrity. They would be wrong. I think you could put Dr. Phil on in prime time and he would beat "The Voice" "Celebrity Apprentice" or "Scandal." Dr. Phil was made for TV.

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