Multiple crews from The Danbury Fire Department responded to reports of a vehicle on fire in one of the parking garages at Danbury Hospital yesterday morning. As they arrived, they found two fully involved vehicles on the 2nd floor of the garage.

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According to the Danbury Fire Department's official Facebook page, Danbury Hospital staff had done a great job by quickly reacting, pulling the fire alarms, and keeping the public safely away from the multi-car blaze.

Fire crews quickly got the situation under control, with no injuries, no major damage to the parking structure, and no effect on normal hospital operations. Multiple cars were reportedly damaged in the immediate vicinity of the fire, though, in addition to the two vehicles initially involved in the blaze. The Danbury Fire Department has released a few photos of the incident:

Multi-Vehicle Fire in Danbury Hospital Parking Garage

Great job Danbury Fire Department, I'm sure that there are a lot of people that were parked close that owe you a thanks too.

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