"The damage was unlike anything I have ever seen!"

The quote above came from Newington, CT resident Leah Turner, as she was explaining to a WFSB reporter what she witnessed during the Cape Cod tornado that hit hard this past Tuesday afternoon.

Cape Sands Inn in Yarmouth - Photo taken from YouTube Video by WFSB 3

A Channel 3 employee said that she and her family hid in a basement closet for 40 minutes. The time it took to blow the roof off the Cape Sands Inn in Yarmouth from start to finish was only 10 minutes.

The tornado was a strong EF1 with wind speeds reaching up to 110mph. Power outages in the area amounted to around 50,000 with most of them in Cape Cod. So far, there have been no reports of injuries. Connecticut's EF1 tornado in May of 2018 was similar to what Cape Cod just experienced.