Bet Ohio just conducted a new survey to learn more about our nation's spending habits leading up to Christmas and what they found was wild.

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Not only are we spending a ton of money over the holidays but ungodly amounts of time. While the national numbers are interesting, the Connecticut numbers jump off the page.

National Takeaways 

  • 65% of the 3000 respondents say they start their Christmas shopping before December 1st.
  • 21% of Americans spend between $501-1000 each year.
  • 12% of Americans spend more than $1000 per year.

Connecticut Takeaways 

  • 70% of Connecticut residents begin shopping for the holidays before December 1st.
  • Only 27% of Connecticut residents wait until after December 1st to start holiday shopping.
  • A whopping 27% of Connecticut residents are spending an average of $1001-2000 a year on holiday shopping.
  • 20% of Connecticut residents are spending an average of $501-1000.
  • Only 9% of Connecticut residents are spending below $100 for the season.

These studies are interesting and the figures seem high but they don't meet the actual, more insane numbers. In other words, spending between 1 & 2 thousand a year on Christmas shopping is crazy but I think we're actually spending more than that if we're honest.

I believe people lighten their numbers when answering these questions because they are either afraid to admit it to themselves or just ashamed at how much money they lit on fire.

I know I don't want to talk about it. Hell, I don't even want to think about it. We hosted Thanksgiving and I know what the bill was for that, now the Christmas pile needs to be constructed along with the gas and food. It is all out of whack and the sad part is if you asked me to identify one thing I got for my kids last Christmas, I couldn't do it.

Shopping happy woman holding bags. Winter sales.

No one looks this good or happy after a day of Christmas shopping in Connecticut. If you do any brick and mortar shopping you come home overwhelmed, with your hair shooting in all directions, trying to piece together what just happened.

young girl screams because of bad christmas stress

You come home looking a lot more like this lady after a Connecticut shopping spree. You took your life into your hands all day,dodging in and out of parking lots, you wrestled mutants for TV deals and argued warranties with a 12 year-old. No, none of it is worth it.

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