Human skeleton.
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The bones found under a home in Ridgefield have been sent to the Office of State Archaeology for further study.

Archaeologists are saying that the bones might be those of a six-foot-tall soldier who fought at the 'Battle of Ridgefield' in 1777. An unearthed human skull was recently examined through a CAT Scan at Quinnipiac University. This may tell the story of who the men were and how they lived according to an article in the Ridgefield Press.

If the bones turn out to be from the Revolutionary War period, it will be the very first time that Connecticut has uncovered remains from soldiers taken from the battlefield.

The First Shots
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One of the key components to the men's identity and the possibility they were soldiers is the discovery of five buttons. Three skeletons were found, but only one has been examined and it appears that he was a robust man with some gum disease.


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